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Instytut Prawa i Administracji

Institute of Law and Administration

Akadamia Pomorska Słupsk


Uniform Master's Degree Law

Is it worth studying law:


Legal studies are a forge of future lawyers: judges, lawyers, legal advisers, notaries and bailiffs. This field of study gives the graduate not only excellent theoretical knowledge in the field of individual legal disciplines, but also practical skills in the creation, validity, interpretation and application of law.
Completion of legal studies opens up vast opportunities for the graduate to find an interesting, well-paid and prestigious job. For many people, it is the beginning of a legal career that leads through applications. For others, graduating from law is a preparation to perform functions in public and non-public institutions and organizations that require legal knowledge. Graduates of this field of study can work in government and local administration offices, uniformed services, European institutions, legal departments of private and state-owned companies, as well as specialists in foundations, associations, banks and insurance companies.
A law graduate can also act as a negotiator or mediator in situations where the law indicates mediation as a recommended method of resolving legal disputes. He can also work in court as an assistant judge.
In the field of law, we practice many legal professions. We focus in particular on preparing future graduates for exams for judge, prosecutor, attorney, solicitor, notary and bailiff training.
Our advantage is combining the transfer of theoretical knowledge with practical teaching. We conduct classes interactively, in the form of simulations of court hearings, mediation and oratory workshops, as well as outside university walls, e.g. in courts or in a pre-trial detention center.
The field of law has received the prestigious accreditation certificate "Studies with the Future 2020". It is awarded by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education for extremely valuable faculties whose modern curriculum is adapted to the needs of the labor market and guarantees high quality of student education. Out of three hundred applications submitted by universities, seventy study programs were awarded the Certificate. Moreover, the law major was also awarded with the Extraordinary Certificate for the highest number of ranking points.


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