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Scholarships, internships, competitions and ERASMUS+

Scholarships and internships


Students of uniform Master's studies, first, second and third cycle studies - both full-time and part-time students can apply for an Erasmus + program. A student may be granted a scholarship for a maximum of 12 months for each degree of study, in the case of uniform master's studies - the student may receive
scholarship for a maximum of 24 months. The minimum period spent at the partner university is - 3 months. The student's stay under the Erasmus + program is settled with accuracy to one day. For the purposes of settlements, the European Commission assumed that one month equals 30 days. In the case of incomplete months, the grant amount will be calculated by multiplying the number of days in the incomplete month by 1/30 of this amount.

Students who meet the following conditions may apply for a foreign scholarship under the "Erasmus +" Program:
• have completed the first year of first-cycle (BA) studies,
• are Polish citizens or have the right of permanent residence in Poland or a refugee status,
• during the current cycle of studies, they have not completed a 12-month trip under the LLP-Erasmus program,
• have good academic results,
• they know the foreign language well in which classes will be conducted at a foreign university.

• travel application,
• certificate of average grade for the previous academic year (1st year students submit a certificate for 1 semester),
• certificate / diploma / certificate of knowledge of the foreign language in which the course is conducted
• there are classes at the partner university (does not apply to students of foreign philology),
• In the absence of such a document, the grade from the exam or the last year of study will be taken into account. alien.
• certificate of activities for the University (issued, for example, by the year tutor),
• certificate of entitlement to a social scholarship.

Students can apply for an internship at any stage of their studies, i.e. undergraduate, graduate, doctoral studies and as graduates (up to 12 months after graduation). In order to take part in the recruitment, you must submit an exit application to the Office for Science (Boh. Westerplatte 64, 3rd floor, room 426). The student organizes the internship abroad on his own, i.e. searches for the place of internship, corresponds with the institution in order to obtain all information and looks for accommodation.

The amount of the Scholarship depends on the country to which the Student wants to go. The amounts are shown below:
Group of States, Monthly Scholarship Rate (Euro):
Group 1: Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy - 500
Group 2: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Netherlands, Iceland, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, Turkey - 400
Group 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic, Macedonia), Lithuania, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary - 300

The criteria that a student must meet in order to apply for an Erasmus + trip are, first of all, a good command of the language, which will enable participation in classes and taking the exam at the partner university. The high average, student personality traits and international experience are also important. First-time applicants have priority in granting a trip.
• The student retains the right to use the national scholarships to which he / she acquired the right before departure (research and social scholarships),
• a student going to a partner university should obtain: - 20 ECTS points in the trimester - 30 ECTS points in the semester - 60 ECTS points in the academic year, the home university (AP) undertakes to recognize the period of study abroad, provided that the student has completed the Learning Agreement ( Learning Agreement),
• upon return, the student settles accounts for exams and subjects at the Faculty Coordinator and at the Dean's Office,
• if the student has received a travel grant, upon arrival, he / she must settle accounts with the Science Office within 14 days,
• upon return, the student is required to submit a Power Point presentation about the stay to the Science Office (information about the university, city, interesting facts, events, photos from the trip)
• the student has the opportunity to extend the examination session free of charge in order to make up for program differences resulting from participation in the Program,
• An extramural student leaving Erasmus + is exempt from tuition fees at the home and partner university during the mobility period.

1. Application Form (internal document of the Institute),
2. Consent of the Director of the Institute to continue studies abroad, along with possible consent to credit program differences,
3. Invitation received from the Partner University (the invitation will be sent by e-mail after sending the nomination by the coordinator),
4. Learning Agreement - drawn up with the "faculty" coordinator,
5. Bank details form (The student decides whether the grant account will be transferred (PL or EURO). However, you should remember about the fluctuation of the Euro exchange rate in the case of a PLN account,
6. Document confirming health insurance for the duration of the stay at the partner university After obtaining the confirmation of admission, official invitation and information materials from the host university, the student receives a certificate from the National Health Fund (NFZ St. EHIC). It is recommended to have additional accident insurance (NNW) and civil liability (OC), which the student buys on his own.),
7. Financial agreement specifying the conditions of the trip, the method of payment and settlement of the scholarship.

1. Confirmation of stay at the partner university,
2. Supplementing the After Mobility section in the Learning Agreement or presenting a list of credits - Transcript of Records,
3. The student must complete the Erasmus + Scholarship Report (EU survey) within 30 days of the end of the stay,
4. Complete the online language proficiency test,
5. Submit to the department coordinator the application for assigning grades for an opinion and forwarding it to the appropriate Director.





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