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Instytut Prawa i Administracji

Institute of Law and Administration

Akadamia Pomorska Słupsk


An important element of the studies conducted at the Institute is compulsory apprenticeship both in the field of law and in the field of first and second cycle administration. Internships and elective classes provide the opportunity for students to flexibly adapt their education to individual interests and needs.
Student apprenticeship is aimed at broadening the knowledge acquired during studies and developing the ability to use it in practice; ensuring conditions for learning in practice issues related to the field of study or a selected specialization, learning the rules of organization and mechanisms of functioning of institutions, organizations, entities performing functions in the field of application and creation of law, as well as entities providing legal assistance, learning about the working conditions applicable in various positions in the justice system , legal protection authorities, administrative bodies, offices, services and inspections. Thanks to internships, students of the Institute prepare for various professional roles, improve teamwork skills, but also obtain the necessary information needed for their master's thesis.
The scope of the internship enables students to become acquainted with the activities of individual organizers, which include most of the judicial institutions, legal protection authorities, administrative bodies and legal aid providers. Student internships enable participation in activities undertaken by the organizer, as well as performing substantive tasks related to the objectives of the internship and the field of study.
In the field of law as well as individual specialization paths in the field of administration, students of the Institute of Law and Administration have the opportunity to practice in courts, prosecutor's offices, administrative bodies and private entities providing legal assistance services from the Słupsk area and other places in the region.
With the consent of the university authorities, at the request of the student approved by the academic tutor of internships, the period of the student's professional work may be counted towards the internship, provided that the nature of this work is consistent with the field of study and meets the requirements of the internship. The internship is credited on the basis of a report on the internship submitted by the student within the prescribed period, with an attached internship diary, and on the basis of an opinion issued by the internship tutor on behalf of the workplace.

Student internship tutor: mgr Anna Patalon

Academic Coordinator of student internships: dr Rafał Kuligowski 

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