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Instytut Prawa i Administracji

Institute of Law and Administration

Akadamia Pomorska Słupsk


The IPiA Career Office started its activity on April 1, 2021. Its task is to constantly acquire new internship and internship offers for students of the Institute. The office closely cooperates with the Academic Career Office of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk in the scope of signing cooperation agreements. The office consists of:


prof. dr hab. Przemysław Dąbrowski - head of the office
mgr Małgorzata Kubiak
mgr Adam Ostrowski
mgr Dawid Bągart - secretary of the Office


Due to the epidemiological situation, the institutions / entities indicated below may only accept one person for an internship or apprenticeship (exceptions in brackets). In addition, depending on the development of the above-mentioned situation, the rules of internships / internships during the holiday period may change.
Students interested in a specific summer internship / internship are first asked to contact the IPiA Career Office ( The order of applications is decisive.

The offer will be constantly updated. Please follow the page.

Internship offer for administration students of IPiA  during the holiday season of 2021 (July-September):

1. Local Government Appeals Court in Gdańsk (two people)
2. Poviat Police Headquarters in Sławno
3. City Police Headquarters in Słupsk
4. Editorial office "Głos Pomorza" (two people)
5. Town Hall in Miastko (two people, 15 May each)
6. Town Hall in Sławno
7. Town Hall in Łeba
8. Marshal's Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Szczecin
9. Commune Office in Sławno (September)
10. Commune Office in Dębnica Kaszubska
11. Commune Office in Parchów (at least two people)
12. Słupsk Commune Office (three people - depending on the epidemiological situation)
13. Municipal Office of Główczyce
14. District Court in Słupsk
15. Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Piotr Piątak in Ustka (at least two people)
16. District Court in Miastko
17. IV Court of Probation Team executing judgments in family and juvenile cases of SR Słupsk

Voluntary internships for law students of IPiA during the summer season of 2021 (July-September):

1. Local Government Appeals Court in Gdańsk
2. Pomeranian Voivodship Office in Gdańsk
3. District Prosecutor's Office in Słupsk (two people in each holiday month)
4. District Prosecutor's Office in Bytów
5. District Prosecutor's Office in Człuchów
6. District Prosecutor's Office in Lębork
7. District Prosecutor's Office in Chojnice
8. District Prosecutor's Office in Miastko
9. Żuraw Adwokaci in Szczecin (at least two people)
10. Kancelaria adwokacka Adwokat Martyna Matyjas-Błaszczyk in Szczecin (at least two people)

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